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In defense of Carth

If you’ve poked around a bit on this blog, you may have noticed that I’m a fan of Bioware’s roleplaying games. A huge fan, in fact. One of the things that drew me into Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (and my subsequent Bioware love) back in the olden days of 2003 was KOTOR’s inclusion of romance quests. While watching my ex-boyfriend play KOTOR, bored nearly to death (KOTOR is one of those games that’s so much better to play than watch, no?), a lightbulb went off in my head.

“Wait, there’s a romance element to this game? You’re going to hook up with that Bastila chick?”

“And you can make a female character, right?”

“If you make a girl character, do you get to hook up with one of the dudes?”



Well hello there, Mr. Onasi.

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On Geek Goddesses

Olivia Munn’s (of G4’s Attack of the Show) star seems to be on the rise these days. I noticed her brief cameo in Iron Man 2 a few weeks ago, and now she’s apparently got a gig with The Daily Show. Today Jezebel ran a piece on Munn’s “geek goddess schtick” that I found interesting.

It seems like women in technology-related media can’t win. They’re wildly discriminated against if they don’t meet a conventional standard of attractiveness, but if they are considered “hot,” their geek or gamer cred is constantly called into question.

I’ve never been a fan of Munn’s marketing of her own good looks, because I feel that it encourages viewers to look at her (and by extension, other women) primarily as an object to be looked at, rather than an intelligent human being with something to say. Since I graduated from college, got poor, and stopped paying for cable television, I haven’t kept up with Attack of the Show, so I can’t personally verify some of the Jezebel commenters’ claims that Munn routinely makes misogynist jokes and mocks other women’s looks. If those accusations are true, I find them highly distasteful. All I’ve got to say is this:

Though I was conflicted about my girl-crush Morgan Webb’s bikini-clad appearances in FHM and Maxim, I have never, EVER heard accusations or seen recorded evidence of her bagging on another woman.

You’ll always be the Tech TV goddess of my heart, Morgan.


Resident Evil 4

How much do I love this game? SO MUCH.

Growing up, I wasn’t interested in shooters. Goldeneye left me cold. I played Halo’s campaign on co-op and enjoyed it, but never felt a burning desire to pick it up again. I didn’t start playing Resident Evil 4 until 2006, but as soon as I began, I fell madly in love. Continue reading ‘Resident Evil 4’


On a happier note…

I finished Mass Effect 2. All of my characters lived through the suicide mission, and I cannot WAIT for Mass Effect 3.

Doctor Chakwas lives to drink Serrice Ice Brandy another day!


The cake is NOT a lie!

This has been a long week, so I’m going to write about a game that makes me exuberantly happy.

It’s short, but uh-mazing. My love for this game knows no bounds.

The premise is simple: you play from a first person view, with a portal gun. You make your way over, under, around, across, and through various obstacles by shooting portals and stepping into one and straight out the other. The portals don’t affect velocity, so if you find a way to hurl yourself through one at high speed (such as leaping into a portal from a high place) you’ll fly out of the other portal at high speed. This lends itself to all sorts of interesting scenarios. The puzzles are challenging, and the satisfaction of finishing each one is addictive.

Portal has received wildly positive reviews from myriad sources, so I’ll leave further straight-gameplay review to them and get onto things that I particularly like about it. SPOILERS AHOY! Continue reading ‘The cake is NOT a lie!’


I’m just going to say it

Female Commander Shepard’s voice acting is far superior to male Shepard’s. Major props to the extremely versatile Jennifer Hale.


Mass Effect 2 withdrawal

I’m away from my 360 this weekend, and I’m missing Mass Effect 2 badly. I’d originally thought to blitz through ME2 and finish playing it before Bioshock 2 came out, but once I started I realized I don’t want this game to end. I’ve been a huge Bioware fan since KOTOR. I love the mix of dialog and fighting in Bioware’s roleplaying games, I love that your choices in-game actually affect (mostly, anyway) in-game events, I love the well-written characters and superb voice acting, and I love that I can play as a kick-ass female character instead of being forced to play as a male. Each game Bioware releases improves upon the last, and Mass Effect 2 is damn near perfect. I have a few problems with it that I’ll discuss in later posts, but this is a straight-up love letter.

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Oh, Ocarina of Time! You’re still dreamy.

I’m visiting a friend, and earlier tonight I watched her youngest son fire up a demo of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Wii. Oh! The memories…

This game was my first video game love.

The Super Nintendo entered my life when my little brother received it as a Christmas gift. I was in third grade; he was in kindergarten. Together, we played Super Mario and all of the Nintendo Mario games that were updated for the SNES. We played all three Donkey Kong Country games, and unsuccessfully tried out one round of Yoshi’s Cookie. We played other games on the Super NES, but those stand out most in my mind.

Then came the N64. I was unimpressed by Goldeneye. Little bro had an immediate gift for it (as well as an annoying propensity to hide in a corner, wait until his opponent came to him, and snipe during multiplayer rounds), and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how the strangely stilted levels related to the events of the movie. In retrospect I’ve got to give Goldeneye props for kicking off the shooter as I now know and love it, but 12-year-old me wasn’t interested. I enjoyed Mario 64, but not enough to devote major time to it. In my entering-eighth-grade mind, video games were still largely a boys’ activity. I was just a tag-along. And then came The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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