Bring on the blacklight…

A few weeks ago, Kotaku ran a post on whether readers preferred digital, in-game content or solid, tangible stuff with their collector’s edition purchases. (I would link to the post itself, but am too bewildered by Gawker Media’s horrible new redesign to search for it).

I fall squarely into the “I like STUFF” camp. I don’t want some mediocre, ugly in-game armor that my character wouldn’t be caught dead in, but I luuuurve collectible figurines, posters, and the biggie—art books. I treasure game design art books like few other possessions. In the case of a fire, I would certainly save my limited edition art books before the games they came with. Hell, I’d snatch them up before I grabbed the console the games are played on. Game discs and consoles are more easily replaced than my precious art books (except for Jade Empire, perhaps. I’d make an exception to grab at least one of my two copies of JE).

Bioshock 2, followed by runner-up Fallout: New Vegas, is the best money I’ve ever spent on a collector’s edition video game. In a 13″ x 13″ box graced with awesome (if somewhat confusing to my Dollywood-loving soul, what with that butterfly) artwork, the collector’s edition contained three posters featuring vintage ads from Rapture, a vinyl 180g LP featuring the orchestral score from the original Bioshock, a CD containing the Bioshock 2 orchestral score, and a 164 page 8″ x 11″ hardbound art book. I was blown away when I opened it. I framed the posters and decorated my bathroom in a Bioshock theme—if the sink springs a leaky faucet, it’ll fit right in, ya know?—and they have hung there unmolested since….UNTIL I read an interesting comment on the previously mentioned Kotaku article, which mentioned a surprise if one shines a blacklight on the three Bioshock 2 posters. Of course I went home and tried it (with my laptop sitting on the floor playing the song from the Sea of Dreams teaser trailer for maximum effect), and…



Well, I suppose I missed it for so long because I have moved past the stage in my life in which I thought it was cool to have blacklights hanging around my house. I was so excited to discover this real-life easter egg, however, that I am now prepared to put a blacklight nightlight in the bathroom so guests can be awed/creeped out, according to their preferences.

More fun after the jump:

Definitely, DEFINITELY saving these from hypothetical fire.

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