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Nostalgia time with Pokémon Snap

Real world stuff has taken over my life a bit lately (boring!), but I did have time to play an intense session of Pokémon Snap recently with a friend. We dusted off the N64, blew on the game cartridge, and went to it.

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…and my love for Dragon Age continues unabated!

My Dragon Age crisis is over!

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Bioware! Don’t kill my love in (or of) Dragon Age!

I haven’t yet written about Dragon Age: Origins on this blog. To be succinct, I absolutely adored it. I snatched up the expansion pack, Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, this week.

Thus far I’ve only played the very beginning opening sequence, but I’m in a state of high dudgeon. SPOILERY SPOILERS AHOY! Continue reading ‘Bioware! Don’t kill my love in (or of) Dragon Age!’


Resident Evil 5, you disappointed me.

The recent release of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition made me remember: oh yeah, I played Resident Evil 5. That’s never a good sign.

I recall being terribly excited to play Resident Evil 5, because I loved Resident Evil 4 so much. I watched early trailers of the game with bated breath; I could hardly WAIT for it to come out.

Then it did.

I played it. I remain decidedly underwhelmed.

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In the world of unfortunate names…..

This exists. Just thought you should know.


Resident Evil 4

How much do I love this game? SO MUCH.

Growing up, I wasn’t interested in shooters. Goldeneye left me cold. I played Halo’s campaign on co-op and enjoyed it, but never felt a burning desire to pick it up again. I didn’t start playing Resident Evil 4 until 2006, but as soon as I began, I fell madly in love. Continue reading ‘Resident Evil 4’


Assault is not sexy, Zoo Today.

I haven’t heard much about Heavy Rain since its release. I wrote earlier about my distaste for Quantic Dream’s focus on a female character’s sexual assault in the game’s marketing, and hoped that the scene might be handled more sensitively in-game than promotional materials suggested.

Last night, I stumbled across this on the website of “lad’s mag” Zoo. If you don’t care to click through and give a pageview to rape-appreciating misogynists, I’ve got you covered. The piece in question is a slideshow preview of Heavy Rain titled “The List: PS3 Goes X-Rated!” It focuses entirely on Madison Paige’s storyline, and includes several nude screen captures of her. It also includes this quote, which realizes my worst speculations about players finding Paige’s sexual assault at gunpoint “sexy”:

“What you’re supposed to do next [to avoid being forced to strip and save the female character’s life] is obvious fairly early on (hit him with a lamp, so that you can tie him up and interrogate him), but clearly we wanted to play the scene out for as long as possible. You know, for research.
We’re pretty sure that you would do the same.”

This text appears under a screenshot of Madison Paige naked in a shower. Her head hangs dejectedly, and the water is running down her hair into her face.

I am utterly and thoroughly disgusted. I realize this vile attitude comes from Zoo, a publication that exists to objectify topless women. Unfortunately, Zoo has many real, live, human readers who presumably share and support the views expressed in its pages and on its website. I originally found the idea of a simulation of a woman’s sexual assault being used as some sort of proxy for male players to experience a shadow of the degradation inherent in such an experience distasteful, but I found it far preferable to the thought of players being titillated by a woman’s violation. The appearance of the latter point of view on a popular magazine’s website forces me to revise my notion that only a few sickos might take pleasure in the scene.

There isn’t an adjective powerful enough to express how much this horrifies me.

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